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Full Service Camping Trek

Instead of sleeping and eating in lodges you will sleep in tents, and a kitchen crew will provide your meals. Full service treks are often necessary for trips through remote areas where committing glaciated passes must be crossed or tea house accommodation is unavailable or scarce, e.g. at the base camps and high camps of the various trekking peaks.

Just because you are camping does not mean hardship. All camp chores will be taken care of by our Sherpa staff, all you have to do is enjoy your walking. 

For Information Please Contact Us. About full service camping trek.

On a full service trek Discover Guide Nepal will provide:

  • Hot meals 3 times a day plus all beverages.
  • Sleeping, dining, kitchen, toilet tents, foam mattress, camp tables, and chairs.
  • Utensils for cooking purposes.
  • Hot water for washing each morning, boiled water for drinking, and sterile water to wash before meals.
  • Services of trek Sirdar, Sherpa Guide, Cook, Kitchen Assistants, porters, and yaks.
  • National Park fees.
  • Staff Insurance.

Typical food served on the trek

Pancakes/Chapatti/Rice Pudding
Milk/Tea/Coffee/Hot Chocolate
Eggs any style
Butter/Jam/Honey/Peanut Butter

Chapatti/Cheese Toast/Cheese Roll
Sandwich/Finger Chips
Tuna/Sardines/Ham/Hot Dog
Potato/Vegetables/Salad/Yak Cheese
Seasonal Fresh Fruit

Rice/Lentils/vegetables (Nepali Food)
Curry/Sauce/Salads (carefully prepared in pre-boiled water)
Pizza (Veg/Tuna/Chicken/Cheese)
Pasta/Mash Potato/Fried Rice
Momo (dumpling)/Sherpa Stew
Fried Chicken/Lamb/Yak Steak (when available)

Tinned Fruits (Mango/Pineapple/Peach/Pear/Cocktail)
Seasonal Fresh Fruits
Banana/Apple Fritters
Apple/Pumpkin Pie

Typical Day:
7am Wake up call, a cup of tea and a bowl of washing water delivered to your tent
8:30am While you eat breakfast your tents are packed. Start walking.
11 to 11:30am Stop for lunch
12:30pm continue trek
3 to 3:30pm Arrive at destination.
6pm Evening meal served.

If you have any inquiry Please Contact us.