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Eco friendly trekking

Committed to low impact trekking
The mountain environments and habitats of Nepal are fragile. For these reasons Discover Guide Nepal is committed to abiding by all national park regulations, and encourages all its clients to be low environmental impact tourists.

At each camp and meal stop your Sherpa crew will ensure that we leave no litter. 

We ask that everyone follows the old mountain mantra "Take only photographs, and leave only footprints"


Global concerns and solutions
While there are immediate pressures on the Himalayan environment that we can help to minimize through responsible trekking, there are global pressures that are beyond us as a small trekking company.

Global warming and the resultant climate change endangers every country, but will be acutely felt in the developing world.

Air travel is a major contributor in an individual persons annual carbon footprint, and an issue that many environmentally aware trekkers worry about when considering visiting a long-haul destination like Nepal.

Carbon offsetting
However, you can now offset the carbon impact associated with air travel by donating to a variety of environmental trusts that invest in carbon friendly schemes such as the preservation of forests that soak up CO2. 

There are several such organizations on the internet but we suggest the following site as it helps you calculate the CO2 emissions related to your individual international flight as well as your life style.

Offset your carbon footprint at the World Land Trust, and make your trek in Nepal truly eco-friendly. 

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