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Things to do in Nepal when not trekking or climbing

When you've finished your trek you may find yourself with a few spare days before flying home. Nepal boasts a remarkably rich culture with spectacular architecture than can be easily explored on foot around the major cities.

However, what may not be so well known is that Nepal is fast developing into an adrenaline junky's paradise. The following links provide a taste of what you could also be doing in addition to summitting a Himalayan Mountain or trekking through the heart of the mightiest mountain range on Earth.

White water rafting
Nepal has become one of the best white water rafting destinations in the world.

Sunrise paragliding
Blue Sky paragliding
Ideal for those trekking in the Pokhara region.

Bungie jump
Not content with flying then how about falling? Nepal boasts a 160m (500ft) bridge bungie jump.

The Lonely Planet guide plus the numerous other guide books covering Nepal provide details of enough interesting places to visit to occupy even the most frequent visitor to Nepal.

However, if you're in search of something a little bit more adrenaline pumping than the abundant temples, monasteries, and colourful cultures, then this page provides some ideas.

Please note:
I do not have any business interests with any of these companies nor can I vouch for their reliability or safety records. By providing these links Discover Guide Nepal is merely highlighting the range of activities that are available to visitors.